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1/6/2021 22:12
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Today we are going to talk about a type of writing that is currently considered a literary genre just like poetry, drama, or fiction.
Like all genres, there is a structure or format that must be followed when writing an essay. In turn, this scheme must have certain parts to be considered as such and write my essay for me.

Still not very clear about the difference between one type of work and another?

Have you considered writing an essay but are flooded with doubts about how to do it?

If you have answered affirmatively to either of the two questions, without a doubt, this article will be very useful to you.
What is an essay?
According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), an essay is

"A writing in which an author develops his ideas without having to show the scholarly apparatus."

With such a definition, the concept may not be very clear to us.

Let's try again ...

An essay is a type of writing that exposes a series of arguments and reflections on a specific topic of great interest to the author.

Its purpose is to express your own opinion based on research and personal knowledge and, depending on the type of essay, you can also seek a conviction in the reader.

Another simpler and clearer definition is that an essay is a free writing.

This means that the subject on which said writing deals may be free and personal, each author will choose the one that interests him the most.
Why is it interesting to write an essay?
Because it allows the author to express his ideas and opinions without having to worry about using a rigidly predefined structure or having to thoroughly document what counts.
How many types of essays are there?
There are three types of essay:
The reality is that they all encompass the same concept since it is about presenting an idea based on certain arguments and investigations, also adding some criticism. In all essays, a specific topic is judged.
I want to write an essay. Where do I start?
The first thing is to be very clear about the topic we want to present and write essay for me.
Make your Brainstorming
There may be several ideas that haunt our mind and of which we would like to give our opinion in an essay. How to choose then?

Brainstorming is one of the best personal tools we have.

To be effective, consider the following steps:
Write down all the ideas that are likely to be the protagonists of your essay
Now the sieving begins. Read them all and reflect on them, surely not all are equally important to you.
Evaluate your knowledge: Of all the ones you have pointed out, which one would you say you have the most knowledge and information about?
You have already reached the last step. The research will be a key piece to complete your essay
Once this process is finished, the time has come to get down to business and start writing, but first ...
What are the parts in which an essay is divided?
Although as we said before, an essay is free writing that is not subject to rigid rules, especially about its writing, it is important before starting to write to respect a classic common structure:
Let us describe each of them in detail ...
What should be clear in the introduction to an essay?
Fundamentally two things:
The presentation of the topic to be addressed
Think that an essay is like starting to read a novel, if you have not hooked on the first page, it is likely that you will not continue reading it.

You must present the topic in a way that captures the reader's attention and makes them want to continue reading to the end.

In this first part, you must show not only the subject but also your position on it, your opinion. This will be the best way to empathize with your audience and write my essay.

For example, in an argumentative essay, a thesis will be presented in the introduction that we will try to defend throughout the development with objective and subjective options.

If it were a scientific essay, we would have to present a theory or hypothesis that offers the solution to a problem to later defend it by providing 100% objective evidence and options.
This part will cover the main content of the essay, the arguments that will grow the main idea presented in the introduction.

Once you have captured the reader's attention with an idea of ​​interest, the next step will be to argue and raise certain related questions, based on other sources that may be: books, magazines, interviews, digital media, etc.

The development of the body, will be the most extensive part of the essay, it represents 80% of it, so it will be necessary to summarize all the relevant information that we want to expose. Not because it is extensive, it should be heavy, we have to try to liven it up as much as possible.

Also development, it is time to shape our opinions and personal assessments on the subject

All the ideas you present must be intertwined with each other so that there is coherence.
Continuing with the previous examples ...
If it were a scientific essay, the development would show the tests that certify the hypothesis presented in the introduction. Different theories, bibliography, evidence, etc., everything fits in this part.

If it were an argumentative essay, it will be up to us in the development to defend the initial thesis based on our own opinion and experience as well as other related ones, dismantling contrary arguments.
The conclusion will be the final part of your essay that will serve to reinforce the idea previously exposed.

In this part the most relevant arguments presented will be summarized on the one hand and the other, let us make it clear what our final position is.

The conclusion should be short and concise. It is the part where you will reaffirm everything that has been said and essay.

Let's imagine that the essay takes up one page. In this case, the conclusion will be three or four lines. If it was longer, reaching 20 pages, a conclusion of possibly two or three pages will be needed.

In a scientific essay, the conclusion definitively reaffirms the theory or hypothesis of the introduction.

In an argumentative one, the main ideas that we want to be recorded in the reader's mind will be summarized.

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13/8/2021 14:14
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health tips
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15/8/2021 02:15
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Understanding the structure of an essay is perhaps the most important part of it all. I always found myself asking for someone to help write my essay. This is probably because I couldn't understand the structure.

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