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27/6/2021 22:15
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'Artificial Intelligence' has become mor

During the coronavirus outbreak เว็บสล็อต ที่ มี คน เล่น มาก ที่สุด More and more companies are considering using communication technology. To assist in the various stages of the business while reducing the risk of exposure that may cause the spread of disease.

People management is increasingly using these technologies as well. and increase the role of telecommunication system in interviewing people to work

Especially important is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or 'artificial intelligence' to recruit people to work.

The AP news agency reports that in the future, when the economy recovers and there are more jobs. 'Artificial Intelligence' will play a bigger role in the job interview process.

In addition to the advantages of not having to travel to meet Supporters of this idea believe that 'Artificial Intelligence' Can Analyze Job Interview Responses Effectively and weighing various factors in the job applicant's qualifications

Some 'artificial intelligence' can also take intonation and word selection data to evaluate interview results.

Companies that develop AI to do this work on behalf of humans include Modern Hire, Outmatch, and HireVue.

HireVue CEO Kevin Parker told the Associated Press that HireVue is trying to develop 'artificial intelligence' to avoid racist, racial, gender, and localized thought systems.

In addition, he said, 'artificial intelligence' will try to assess the information it has obtained. to measure the ability to work as a team Adaptive skills and other potential applicants

In addition to the audio feedback, HireVue's system also scans the faces of the respondents.

Often, employers recruit people to work because they are judged by In this regard, Kevin Parker says the company wants AI-powered data and assessments to work instead of intuition.

Criticism arises when people are disappointed in their job applications. It is not possible to know if AI systems are blocking their job opportunities or not. due to racial discrimination Skin color and identity factors and companies that use 'Artificial intelligence' in recruiting people does not want this kind of incident to happen.

HireVue's customers therefore limit the role of AI in the recruitment process. and let the important decisions come from humans rather than computer programs.

For example, a group of schools in the US metropolitan area have been using HireVue for seven years. In the recruitment process, however, 50 staff members will score the interviews.

As for Target, the largest US retailer It said the coronavirus outbreak prompted the company to adopt HireVue's technology, but assessing interviews was a process that used human decision-making.

Oxford University researcher Islin Kelly-Lith said that computer programs or algorithms may be inclined to evaluate without the knowledge of the people.

She said that if it was an interview where the candidate and interviewee actually met, Applicants may be able to catch signs of racism in the conversation.

An example of a problem with the use of an algorithm to screen applicants is seen by Amazon, an online retail business owner using a computer system to read resumes or "resumes" and it appears that the system references information on their resumes. The man is the majority of the Amazons too. and making it more likely to choose men to work in technical roles

Now there are two changes in law. As can be seen from the drive to have strict rules in use. 'Artificial Intelligence' for recruiting people

HireVue has begun to phase out face scanning in interview evaluations. It is also open to independent audits to determine if the company's computer programs are prone to personal identities.

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