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20/7/2021 19:46
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Studies show that elephant seals have a

Weight loss that is slotxo ใหม่ล่าสุด difficult. Fattening yourself is also difficult. For creatures like elephant seals Some call it the elephant seal, or in English, the elephant seal, because a new study indicates that the elephant seal Must try hard to maintain obesity in order to survive.

This latest research Study the feeding behavior of northern elephant seals, especially female elephant seals, during their two-month migration in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. From where they spend 20-24 hours a day scuba diving non-stop underwater. Elephant seals eat up to 1,000-2,000 meals a day to store the fat they need to travel, breed and warm their bodies on their cold deep-sea routes.

Taiki Hadashi of St Andrews University in Scotland, who led the research published in the journal Science Advances, collected 48 female elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park in California during the period. 2011 and 2018 say it is not easy for an elephant seal to fatten itself on a round trip of about 17,600 kilometers under the ocean for females and over 20,000 kilometers for males.

The research team used three tracking devices on these elephant seals. by attaching the first tracking device to the jaw to catch the rhythm of food and measure the depth of the water that the elephant seal dives into The second is a device mounted on the head of an elephant seal. to determine the direction of their ocean movement And the third device is a small camera with LED and infrared lights and a water depth sensor. which is attached to the head of the elephant seal as well

Elephant seals are the largest seal family in the world. It is the second largest mammal in the ocean after whales.

Elephant seals are named for the large noses of male elephant seals. which looked at the mines with the elephant's trunk There are two species of elephant seals, the northern elephant seal and the slightly larger southern elephant seal.

An adult male elephant seal can reach a body length of 4 meters and weigh more than 2000 kilograms, while the females are much smaller. It has a body length of up to 3 meters and a maximum weight of about 590 kg.

The foraging method of male elephant seals feeds on coastal waters. and relying on food by scuba diving to be sufficient for their size. Like a whale that has to swim deep into the sea to hunt for octopus for food.

Hadashi explains that female elephant seals have a different approach. Because it chooses to eat small fish in large quantities. But that is difficult to find enough food for the body. They had to dive into the depths of the sea to feed. It takes an average of 20 minutes to dive to find food underwater and up to 1,000 minutes at a time at an average depth of 1000 - 2000 feet at a time, but there are records that some can dive almost 6000 feet for food. ever And it takes only 2-3 minutes to come up and breathe on the surface of the water at a time.

The lead researcher added that the seals will not return to land for two full months during the annual migration period. And this giant ocean mammal is full of wonder. For example, the issue of sleep that researchers do not have a clear answer. And based on the available data, it is estimated that elephant seals sleep less than 20% each day.

The northern elephant seal included in this latest study Lives in North America, including Canada, Mexico and the United States. And every year it comes out on the coast in California. From December to March and in the mating season Elephant seals will not eat any food. Until the weight of it is reduced to about one third of the normal weight ever.

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