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26/7/2021 19:52
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Strong smelling fruit waste Used to make

Inedible white core in โปรโมชั่น slotxo durian and jackfruit. It is often discarded along with its bark. until it becomes a huge pile of garbage during the season when these strong-smelling fruits come on the market every year But who would have thought that these worthless leftovers? It can be used to produce advanced electronic devices that store more electrical energy. And help us charge devices faster as well.

A team of engineering researchers from Australia's University of Sydney. Details of the innovation they developed in the Journal of Energy Storage, said they wanted to add value to organic waste. to replace expensive materials like carbon nanotubes or graphene in the manufacture of supercapacitors (Ultracapacitor / Supercapacitor)

World's largest lithium battery storage facility
Britain produces more electricity from clean fuels than fossil fuels.
Reveals how to build a colony on Mars too. "silica airgel"
in general A supercapacitor is another type of electronic device that stores and discharges electricity in addition to batteries. but can store a very high amount of electrical energy It is made of carbon-rich materials in special forms, which also makes them expensive.

For the supercapacitor made from the core of this durian and jackfruit fruit. The researchers took the porous waste residue from the fruit and transformed it into aerogel, subjected to heat and freeze drying. ) and then covered with metal oxide material.

Silica airgel is a translucent material. It contains 99.8% air and is the lightest solid in the world.

Aerogel is a translucent material. Containing more than 90% air, it is considered the lightest solid in the world.

Lightweight but high carbon aerogel. This allows the supercapacitor to store and discharge electricity more efficiently. It is also environmentally friendly because it reduces organic waste. And it reduces dependence on batteries, which are mostly made of toxic metals.

However, the research team still has to develop a method for producing supercapacitors from the scraps of the fruit. to find a way to upgrade to industrial production Because at the moment there are still limitations in the supply of sufficient raw materials And the size of the equipment that can be produced also depends on the size of the fruit.

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