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27/8/2021 03:53
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Organization in capsules of the sales fo
This third approach advocates creating small subgroups that are each in charge of vertical , whether it is a company product, or a type of customer, or an industry or any other subsegmentation.
However, to be able to carry it out, you usually need more or less large equipment to be able to form the different capsules.
For Eduardo Laseca , consultant and sales trainer, this organization in capsules should be orchestrated in business verticals:

“ The team should be specialized in business verticals.
It has nothing to do with selling the same product to an insurer as to a telecommunications company or an infrastructure company.
The internal processes of the companies are different, the "pains" too, and the value proposition must be substantially different even if it is the same product.
If you work with an SDR - Account Executive model, I would also specialize the SDR , although the traditional SDR Juniors model to capture large accounts does not work well. Sometimes you have to give full responsibility to AE, which ideally will be someone with knowledge and experience in these verticals "

How do we organize the sales force at Efficy?

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We at Efficy have designed a tailor-made process that integrates the best of 2 latest models:
• Chain organization.
• Organization in capsules.

The marketing department is in charge of lead generation and services the 2 capsules.
A capsule (with its own SDR and AE) sells one of the products, SumaCRM by Efficy.
The other capsule , (with its own SDR and AE) is responsible for selling the other Efficy products.
This organization makes a lot of sense to us because the clients of the first capsule are small companies with specific needs, while the other capsule specializes in large companies (like the ones we look for in this course).
By following this course you will already know that the differences between the sale to one and the other are enormous, so you have to separate them and make sure that the Marketing department is very aligned with the 2 capsules.
For Javier Iglesias , CEO and co-founder of Miqo , this part is very important:

«It is very important to design a sales funnel tailored to your company and in which the sales department and the Marketing department must work together :
• For giving concrete solutions to potential clients.
• To be able to classify leads according to the type of content offered.
• Because the qualification of the lead will always be much more effective the more prepared the potential client is in your solution.
• Because the effectiveness of Marketing and the efficiency of sales depend to a great extent on their mutual complicity.
How to ensure that this situation is not a utopia but the communion between Sales and Marketing a reality?
There are many methods, from putting them to work at the same table, to forcing them to eat, breathe and sleep at the same time.
But something much more effective than forced labor is the SLA’s (Service Level Agreement), as the word says in English, it is an agreement in which both parties must define the following points:
• Sales objectives and indicators of success.
• Define the different stages of the sales funnel by sharing the information.
• Define the content to be generated and distributed by stage, and even what content to develop and distribute Marketing and sales respectively.
• Define at what point in the call to action the lead enters directly into sales, and at what point Marketing continues to mature so that it is an effective lead, and not a cold call. "

Are there other ways to organize these sales teams?
Of course yes.
In fact, Fernando de la Rosa , founder of Foxize School and author of the Titonet blog goes even further when it comes to seeing how sales and marketing teams interact.

“If you try to create a mixed sales and marketing body, a problem usually arises: no one is in charge there .
My way of seeing it is summed up in one sentence:
Structure governs function.
Depending on how they define the organization, you will get one result to another:
• If you put marketing to rule over sales, it makes a mess.
• If you put sales to rule over marketing, another will be rolled, but it will be focused on selling more.
Marketing should stop thinking that sales is an executive arm of what they think, for the simple reason that sales are much closer to the business and the customers.
In fact, many marketing teams are taking down their marketing teams and including cells in their sales teams.
And they are doing very well.
The pharmaceutical world has been working like this for a long time:
There is no sales area and no marketing area.
It has verticals by product and by channels with its sales forces, the visitors, integrated within these lines and with the support of marketing teams that work specifically for each vertical.
Thus, for example, marketing for hospitals is so specific, so direct selling, that if they only had a general marketing team, their work would surely not add value to that vertical.
In this sector, they have a strategic marketing layer, to give vision and help segment and then each vertical has its integrated teams.
And the objectives of the entire vertical is one: sell more, more margin.
So, by the way, the alignment is absolute. "


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27/8/2021 17:26
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29/8/2021 21:48
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